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The Multiplex Revolution

Supermarkets are one of the most energy-intensive types of commercial buildings. Significant energy is used to maintain chilled and frozen food in both product display cases and storage refrigerators. Perishable products must be kept refrigerated during display and for storage. Refrigeration is usually responsible for around half of a typical store’s total energy consumption bill. Compressors and condensers account for 60-70% of refrigeration energy consumption. The remainder is consumed by the case, freezer and cold room fans, display case lighting, evaporator defrosting, and for anti-sweat heaters used to prevent condensation from forming on doors and outside surfaces of display cases.

With this in mind selecting the type of refrigeration system suitable for your needs, needs to be considered carefully.

We have different options of solutions available when selecting your multiplex plant:

Insulated Structures Multiplex Refrigration Standard Rack
Standard Rack

Plantroom building with equipment installed in a room supplied by the client.

Insulated Structures Multiplex Refrigration Container Style
Container Style

6m or 12m container with refrigeration equipment inside the container.

Insulated Structures Multiplex Refrigration Weatherproof Rack
Weatherproof Rack

All equipment comes in a weatherproof enclosure which can be placed where required.

Energy Saving In The Plantroom

All plants are individually designed and tailored for your needs. Energy efficiency can be achieved by selecting the following on your plant:

Electronic Expansion Valves (EEV’s)

Electronic expansion valves are used in refrigeration systems to precisely control the flow of refrigerant into the systems evaporator. They are the evolution of the traditional thermal expansion valve and operate using a much more sophisticated design.

Electronic expansion valves in conjunction with their controllers can adapt far easier to varying temperatures. Reducing pressure in the condenser when the outside temperature allows while also increasing the evaporator pressure as needed.

Insulated Structures Multiplex Refrigration Electronic Expansion Valve

Variable Speed Drives

Most refrigeration systems inherently operate at reduced capacity. This is due to the fact the refrigeration motors that drive the compressor pumps and fans are designed to operate at maximum load conditions on a fixed speed.

A system that adopts a variable speed drive runs at only the capacity needed, instead of the inherent maximum load. This simple enhancement can deliver a cost saving of up to 30 – 50% in reduced energy consumption.

Insulated Structures Multiplex Refrigration Variable Speed Drive

Compressor Soft Starters

A soft starter is effectively the electronic clutch for your refrigeration systems motors and/or compressors. The gradual uptake of power puts less load on the system and allows you to safely attach more equipment to a single supply.

A soft starter ensures that any given motor will only consume the energy required when off-load and can also switch motors off automatically when they are not required. This not only protects motors from excess heat & vibration but also greatly reduces the number of unscheduled breakdowns.

Insulated Structures Multiplex Refrigration Compressor Soft Starter