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The Miniplex Design

The Miniplex is ideal for smaller format stores and can work on 5 evaporators using 1 compressor.

The system comes with a Brushless DC compressor and can yield up to 25% energy saving vs conventional systems.

The compressor is driven by the CAREL DC power+ inverter and pRack Hecu controller. The CAREL inverter and controller use advanced features to manage the compressor envelope and ensure safe operation. The controller is also connected to the MPXPRO controller installed on each refrigerated cabinet, in order to implement the floating suction function and optimise the set point in order to save energy

Why Miniplex?

Choosing Miniplex for complete management of small shops, such as convenience stores, means:

Energy Efficient

Achieving very high energy performance in the main areas of power consumption, such as refrigeration, air-conditioning and lighting.

Reduced Costs

Reducing operating costs for a fast return on investment.

Better Maintenance

Providing the best tools for preventive maintenance and increasing service levels to the end customer.

Great Quality

Guaranteeing excellent quality food preservation..