How A Commercial Refrigerator Works

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Insulated Structures Explains: What are Cold Rooms and Freezer Rooms

Cold Rooms and Freezer Rooms – What’s The Difference?

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How to Pack a Commercial Refrigerator to Industry Standards

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Insulated Structures Retrofit Glass Doors

Why You Need Retrofit Glass Doors

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Insulated Structures at the Frigair Expo

Frigair Expo – Retail Africa (Full Review)

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Expert Commercial Refrigeration with the Slim Line Aqua Loop System

Why Choose Our Slim Line Aqua Loop System

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Insulated Structures Relocation Letter

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Insulated Structures @ Frigair Expo 2018

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Dairy products in a commercial refrigerator

Evolution of Commercial Refrigeration

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A commercial cold room refrigerated warehouse

Managing Your Cold Room Solutions with Best Practice

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Tyler lofty liquor commercial refrigerator in supermarket

Building on innovative design

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Food retailers see value in natural refrigerants

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Upright commercial refrigerators

Close the Case – Retrofit Glass Doors

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