Aqua Loop System

Aqua Loop System

The Slim Line Aqua Loop System has many tangible and non tangible benefits.

System Benefits

– Capital efficiency where higher cabinet cost offset against lower plant costs for small to medium size stores
– Installation efficiency due to simplicity of water loop
– Easy layout change with simple disconnection of water pipes from cabinet
– Wider sales area as there is no more need of compressor rack
– High investment recovery in case of store relocation
– Leak reduction due to lower system charge and isolation

Insulated Structures with it’s preferred technology partners presents the Slim Line Water Loop System, a reliable and cost effective solution for your energy reduction objectives in retail

Environment respect

Over all charge reduction -80%
• No more long refrigerant pipes
• Only small and compact refrigerant systems

Over all leaks reduction -85%
• Factory tested units
• Self contained units
• Limited charge units
• No more welding on field
• Reduced on-field installations

Product Class


Product Specs

• Reduced complexity in on-field installation
• Reliability increase for factory assembled unit
• Limited damages in case of failures
• Easy adaptation to every climate
• Cabinet cost increasing balanced by reduced installation cost